When In Philly: Stay Lokal

I’ve had a complete and total obsession with NYC since I was 15 years old. The smell, the crowds and the diversity are overwhelming & fascinating all in the same breath.

I never thought I would be able to appreciate and adore another city in the same respect as I do NYC. Until the past 6 months of my life I hadn’t the slightest clue just how large Philadelphia was, nor how many diverse neighborhoods were in just 1 city. It’s like all of the boroughs of Manhattan, packed into 1 city 2.5hrs south, with a LOT less traffic (foot & vehicular). CHEAPER TOO.

But alas the real reason for this post is all about a tiny boutique hotel in Old City, Phladelphia… Stay Lokal  My boyfriend knows I’m a lover of unique experiences and that I am quite skeptical when it comes to hotels. When he sent me a text to “check this place out” (that he already booked) I was a tad bit nervous. Not knowing what to expect I clicked the link and was AMAZED…..i felt like he knew me my whole life just based on his hotel selection. Here are the attributes on WHY I was so excited: Trendy, Chill, Clean, Luxe and Private.

Each room is named after a prominent historical figure within Philadelphia and the BEST part of the room…it had a FULL KITCHEN with all of the appliances and tools a cook/chef/dabbler could possibly WANT. I was itching to cook in this kitchen within 5 minutes of us checking in.

Prior to our arrival I arranged for the hotel to have a bottle of champagne chilled in the room to celebrate the new job offer Mr. G had just received. Courtney of Stay Lokal helped me get this done, allowed me to pay for it so that it wouldn’t hit the final bill, and she went the extra mile to get fresh bread, rhubarb jam and maple butter delivered to the room prior to our arrival. Another dope factor about this place is that it is an invisible service hotel. No front desk, no onsite staff, and no room service (get over it, it’s not that bad). I loved the idea of this because it made us feel like this was OUR place for the weekend, it was private and lovely.

I really love a good terrycloth robe

The bathroom was so Zsa Zsa; I mean I really cannot think of a better verb for it. Floor to ceiling glass doors, huge waterfall shower, deliciously scented FULL SIZE toiletries to use from a local apothecary, lush towels, a very comfy robe and a toilet bowl with a great flush (I see you laughing at me but we all know how important this 1 feature is). Imagine restoration hardware having a meeting with West Elm….Perfection! Click here to have a first hand look at our exact room we stayed in where you can see detailed pics on this lush washroom


Please do yourself the favor and try to book a night or longer at this hotel. You will not regret it, but be warned…if you cannot climb stairs this is a walkup hotel there aren’t any elevators, escalators, lifts et al here. There are only 6 rooms here (note: boutique hotel).But the walk is worth it

Our room was at the top

So grateful that we were able to stay here for the whole weekend. I could come to Philly 10 times in the next year and I’d always want to reside at the Lokal.

I told you I wanted to cook in this kitchen…brunch for 2

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