La Isla del Encanto – Part 1

“Yo se lo que son los encantos

De mi Borinquen hermosa

Por eso la quiera yo tanto

Por siempre la llamare preciosa”

– Marc Anthony – “Preciosa”

You guys I went to Puerto Rico in November for the wedding of a dear friend, bestie, & sorority sister of mine. PR is hands down one of the best places i’ve ever been to in my life. The people, the weather, the food, the beaches, the raw and rugged streets of Old San Juan…it is truly just a little peace of heaven on earth. I realized I haven’t really dug into any travel posts lately and wanted to quickly fix that issue & by golly convince someone to book a flight to La Isla del Encanto ASAP.

There is so much to do in Puerto Rico…like you should never get bored if you decide to visit. You can go for a weekend, but you’ll need to be VERY specific and strategic about how you spend your time because as small as the island is, there is so much to see and do. We went from Friday – Tuesday and I still feel like we could have been there for another day or so. We landed on Friday around 1:00 and headed to the taxi line to get a ride to Old San Juan which was our first stop of the trip. When you land, you cannot call an Uber you must get in the taxi line and they charge you according to where you’re going exactly. I think our bill was $22-$26 which was considerably high in comparison to how CHEAP the Uber’s are on the island once you get settled. But I am not complaining, because after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, I will gladly pay that price if it helps people have a job and afford the ability to care for their loved ones.

This was the first time in my travels, that I split my lodging up. Knowing that we would only be able to go for a few days, we knew 100% that we needed to be in Old San Juan at Hotel El Convento because not only was I a guest, but I was also the makeup artist for the wedding. If you know anything about being in the bridal service industry, you know full and well that convenience is always KEY when you’re playing a role on the glam squad + attending the event.


The lobby entrance of Hotel El Convento

El Convento is a stunning, luxurious, yet quaint boutique hotel located in Old San Juan on Calle de Cristo. From the street you can’t possibly miss it, because it’s yellow and sits on a corner diagonally across from the Cathedral San Juan Bautista. Walking into the hotel, I felt like I had stepped back into a period of life before my time. Black and white checkered floors, exquisite plants throughout but not overly done, fans whipping bouts of cool air in an open air patio and at night time the familiar sound of the coqui.


Open air patio

There’s also a small rooftop (pool included), for you to relax on and take in the stunning view. When we arrived it was starting to get a little cloudy so the view although tempered with via Mother Nature, was still something to behold. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to come in contact with this cat that i’d like to think his name is “Checo”. He’s calm and as you can see sits on a chaise lounge living his absolute BEST life.


When living your best life is the only way of living.

Upon check in, our room wasn’t available but we were given two drink tickets to enjoy a glass of their signature sangria at their in house restaurant “Patio del Nispero”. The Sangria was great!!! I expected nothing less given we were in PR. We also ordered a flatbread pizza, and it was also pretty tasty. When traveling I always enjoy trying the local ways of eating and this “pizza” wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it did the trick


Signature Sangria


Pizza Pizza

We were finally able to get checked into our room, and relax before going out to have dinner with some friends. Luckily the bride’s family is from Puerto Rico and she was able to provide us with a list of places to check out for dinner so we chose Punto de Vista  

Once we arrived, we waited to be seated because it was packed, and I could totally tell why. The food was pretty amazing as was the company. I don’t remember what I ate, but I know it was good.

After this we went and tried to get our club on in the streets of Old San Juan, but we were exhausted, and I knew I had t be up early the next day to get the bridal party glammed before the “I do’s”…so we went back and slept like good old 30 somethings do. LOL.


Dinner with friends friends from college, the food was so amazing

In Part II: The Wedding Day


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