La Isla del Encanto: Part Two

The next morning came and hit me like a ton of bricks. I was tired, needed a good cafecito STAT, and had nervous jitters because it was such an important milestone of a day for my friends.

We got up, showered and decided I had just enough time for us to walk outside and go to a local cafe for breakfast. I knew the majority of the morning/mid-afternoon of my day i’d be otherwise sequestered and busy, so I wanted to take a few moments with G to soak up some of the day together. We walked, and walked until we foundĀ Cafe Manolin Old San Juan. This was the perfect place to sit down and EAT. The vibe was exactly what we wanted, local, non-touristy, and delicious food. After scouring the menu, I decided on a Cuban Sandwich and it was probably one of the best i’ve ever had. Definitely check this place out if you’re ever in Old San Juan, you will not regret it. The old men at the tables, speaking in their native toungue, drinking coffee from styrofoam cups as they leave and giving “bendiciones “{blessings} to anyone they encountered as they left. I’m telling you, the people in Puerto Rico are one of a kind.


My breakfast Cubano

Fast forward to the end of breakfast, and I had to wrap things up and head back to the hotel. It was time to head over to the bridal party. But on the way back, I was able to capture Calle Fortaleza & the incredible umbrella installation that has everyone pulling their phones out to take pictures. This area of PR is so culturally rich and vibrant that it immediately puts a smile on your face. There are tons of art galleries, shops, restaurants and bars all throughout Old San Juan, you can get lost there for hours if you allow yourself to stroll through the streets leisurely.



The rest of the day flew by and I can hardly remember every detail, I do know that I did makeup, I laughed, I got teary eyed, I rushed to get myself ready, I hardly ate a thing until 6:00 and had such an amazing time celebrating my friends with my love.

Firstly, the fact that the church was precisely across the street from our hotel which was also the reception venue was a major convenience. I went from my room, to the bridal suite, to my room to shower/dress, to across the street and back for the reception. If I haven’t told her already, I must remind my friend how GENIUS this plan was.


Stunning bride, stunning church




They said ” i do” now it’s time for me to give touch ups


From the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the dinner and ending it with Asopao this wedding was so incredible and i feel so blessed that I was able to take this trip. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for the world, and I am so glad I didn’t have to. It feels like we’e been talking about this wedding for years and it’s over and it makes me sad, but happy because the newlyweds are just beginning.

Congratulations to my friends Mr. & Mrs. Smith and may your dreams, goals, and marriage always be full of love and abundant blessings.


The Newlyweds



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